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Cloth Diapering in Canada
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About this community
We're all about cloth diapering your Canadian baby - where to buy (in Canadian dollars!); Canadian WAHMs, etc.

January 2009
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Chantale [userpic]

I've found a really neat way to make money while staying at home with my children. It's fun and I can work while my children are at school or napping.
Check it out...

Chantale [userpic]

Mommies touch, huggabunz, fuzzybunz all with new soakers LARGE..

I've got a few diapers my twins no longer fit into.
I'm up for trades for L-XL dream-eze

3 Mommies touch had them a good 2-3 months hardly use cause my twins are to chubby around the legs.
I'm including a brand new never used microterry insert with each diaper.
Asking 13$ppd each or 32$ for all 3..




3 Huggabunz diapers also will include new inserts..
Asking 8$ppd each or all 3 for 20$ppd.




1 old style fuzzybunz large Pink. Also will include new insert.
Asking 12$ppd


Momma to twin toddlers Madison & Marissa(17m) ,Damion(12y) & Makayla(7). Soon to be wife to Terence

Chantale [userpic]

Just a few dipers that we no longer use..
all 5 of the AMP I've had them only 2 months and my dd's outgrew them already..
I'm always up for trades (for Dream eze XL)
If you don't like my prices please make me an offer






First top row are 3 pocket AMP and the bottom row are 2 AI2's Amp....
13$ each and they all come with an insert!






yellow is sold hot pink come with insert (9$ each) the light pink does not come with insert (7$)buy both for 14$

Bummis covers :


Only the white kushies with lil yellow ducks on them is left.. I only used these covers a few times and the tabs are in GREAT condition (7$)

Momma to twin toddlers Madison & Marissa(18m) ,Damion(12y) & Makayla(7). Soon to be wife to Terence

Chantale [userpic]

Name: Chantale
Age: 30
Location: Montreal, Canada
Marital Status: Will be engaged one day to my main squeez Terence :)
Children: My son damion is 12 years old my daughter Makayla is 7 and my twin girls Madison&Marissa are 14 months old :)
How did you hear about this community? My sisters Lj post destine1983
How long have you been cloth diapering for?I used to cloth diaper my son back in those days lol but the diapers were not like they are today :).. I started my twins about 9 months ago on and off mostly cause we really don't have enough diapers to last for the day at times. 
Which ones do you buy? My are huggabunz.. I also like fuzzybunz cause they are the exact samething but the inserts are different and i really hate the fuzzybunz inserts bleh..
Thats it for now :)

´¯`°¤.¸.¤Ju£ïë´¯`°¤.¸.¤ [userpic]

Hey everyone. I'm new. I didn't see a New Member Intro application, so I'm doing it from memory.

Name: Julie
Age: 24
Location: Montreal, Canada
Marital Status: Engaged to Randy for 6 years
Children: Two girls, Mayden is 4 1/2 and Makenna is 16 months today, and we are also in the mists of trying for one more.
How did you hear about this community? I went through a member's user info and seen this as one of her communities she is a member of
How long have you been cloth diapering for? I have been CD for about 7 months now, on and off, my sister introduced me to the world of CD's and now...I'm more addicted than she is hehe.
Which ones do you buy? My faves would have to be Happy Heiny, Fuzzi Bunz, and HuggaBuns. I have some odd ones that aren't any of these brands, which were mostly starter diapers. I have a preference, but I'm willing to try new ones, to see if it might steal my heart :D
And I also love to buy from WAHM's because it helps them financially, and there are so many undiscovered makers out there. 

I've already made a posting in my LJ for those of my friends who like to Cloth Diaper...hope this site gets' more action too :D AS I would love to find more dipes

Montréal Mama [userpic]

As the new moderator for canadianfluff, I want to first wish everyone a nice warm welcome on this chilly November night. This community has never really taken off for whatever reason and as my first order of business I want to start promoting this it. I think it's a great and worthwhile idea:

There are Canadian diaper makers out there who are scraping by relatively unnoticed next to the large American brands and who deserve to be recognized in their own right. I hope to be able to bring together makers, buyers, and others who are interested in this small, but growing group.

So, help me spread the word!

Meeshie [userpic]

I am hoping this is okay to post here, if not delete it.

I am selling my diaper business http://www.diaperzone.com

The inventory is for sale as well and I will sell it seperately from the business. I do want to keep them in lots if at all possible. I am selling them at the price I paid for them no less, no more. I am not looking to make money, just to get what I've invested back.

If anyone is interested email me at the email on the site and I will send you all of the information.

Thanks :)

Meeshie [userpic]

There aren't many members here and I never do anything with this community. So if anyone wants it let me know, otherwise I'm going to delete it.

Thanks :)

misticloudz [userpic]

so i CD'd for the first time ever all night last night!! i ended up changing the nat bug in the middle of the night, because i've been trying to give her a bottle then cause she's not drinking much during the day. i ended up using a FB with a microfibre towel and 2 CB microterry diaper doublers, which wasn't completely soaked when i changed her, and then for the rest of the night i put 2 microfibre towels in a FB. when she woke up? it was COMPLETELY drenched. but no leaks! i was very very impressed.
yay! it worked!
and now i have to do laundry, since all my microfibre towels have been used. i really have to buy more of those... yay for CD'ing!!

Meeshie [userpic]

I finished a pail liner yesterday and love it. The colour in the picture doesn't do it justice. It's a bright melon colour and it's so cute! I'm going to get the rest of the polka dot fabric today I love it that much.
LookCollapse )

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