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Cloth Diapering in Canada
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About this community
We're all about cloth diapering your Canadian baby - where to buy (in Canadian dollars!); Canadian WAHMs, etc.

January 2009
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New Member Intro

Hey everyone. I'm new. I didn't see a New Member Intro application, so I'm doing it from memory.

Name: Julie
Age: 24
Location: Montreal, Canada
Marital Status: Engaged to Randy for 6 years
Children: Two girls, Mayden is 4 1/2 and Makenna is 16 months today, and we are also in the mists of trying for one more.
How did you hear about this community? I went through a member's user info and seen this as one of her communities she is a member of
How long have you been cloth diapering for? I have been CD for about 7 months now, on and off, my sister introduced me to the world of CD's and now...I'm more addicted than she is hehe.
Which ones do you buy? My faves would have to be Happy Heiny, Fuzzi Bunz, and HuggaBuns. I have some odd ones that aren't any of these brands, which were mostly starter diapers. I have a preference, but I'm willing to try new ones, to see if it might steal my heart :D
And I also love to buy from WAHM's because it helps them financially, and there are so many undiscovered makers out there. 

I've already made a posting in my LJ for those of my friends who like to Cloth Diaper...hope this site gets' more action too :D AS I would love to find more dipes